First Blog Post!!

This is the post excerpt.


I thought I’d start this blog off with a quote…

“Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.” – Bethenny Frankel.

My name is Caroline and I’m a 21 year old recent college grad from Long Island, NY.  For months, my mom has told me that I should start a food blog because I’ve always had a strong interest in food and food trends. I held off until after I graduated so I could spend more time working on it and figuring out how I wanted to do this.

Since I started uploading food pictures on Instagram, my interest has only gotten larger. Now, I finally decided I wanted to take it to another level. In addition to WordPress, I created another Instagram so I can upload food pics (so I can stop annoying all of my followers on my personal Insta…) and not have corny food puns that sound ridiculous. My main focus is on the food itself. I would like my blog to be a resource for those who want to explore and try new things. I hope this blog is not only entertaining but also informative. I will be posting pictures about food/drinks I’ve had in different places. I will also be including things I’ve cooked and baked as well.

It will probably take me a while to get used to this blogging thing so bare with me. I am open to any comments, questions or suggestions, so if you have any, please email me at foodiethingz@gmail.com! Most places that will be featured on this blog will be Long Island, Connecticut and NYC. However, I am willing to venture out to New Jersey at some point…

Starting off this blog with a glass of Rosé from Louie’s Oyster Bar and Grille located in Port Washington, NY. Nothing beats the start of Summer with Rosé and fantastic view of Manhasset Bay!




Is The Smith Worth the Hype?

Like most people, I love Instagram. It’s one of my favorite apps on my iPhone and I love looking through other peoples pictures. However, the reason why I love Instagram so much is because of all the amazing food pictures and food accounts there are! There are so many to choose from. Each account is so different but still manages to have one common factor: yummy food. I love looking at pictures that have oozing cheese or chocolate…it all looks so good! I would have considered my younger self a “foodie” before it was “Insta Worthy.” I have always been one who likes to try new foods and restaurants, however I didn’t know where to find them sometimes. With Instagram, food pictures and videos, it’s so easy to find new, cool places to try!

One of the places that I had been DYING to try was The Smith. For months, I had been staring at pictures of oozing Mac n Cheese and the Smores dessert jar. When I was home for Winter Break, I begged my Mom to come into the city with me to try it. So, we made a day out of it! We walked around, we shopped a bit, walked around some more. Dinner time was approaching and I was starving

. The Smith has a few locations throughout NYC, we went to the location in Midtown. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait too long. I knew it was a very popular restaurant, so I was concerned that we would have to wait. We sat down and glanced at the menu for a couple of minutes. There were so many options, I wanted to try them all! However, I remembered from Instagram there was one item I just had to order. I had to order the Mac n Cheese…I had seen so many pictures, I couldn’t resist. I ordered the Mac n Cheese and my Mom ordered one of the salads.

Let me tell you something about this Mac n Cheese…it was the BEST Mac n Cheese I’ve ever had. It’s made with four different types of cheeses so there was so much flavor in the small skillet. It was hot, gooey and cheesy, the three most important parts of any Mac n Cheese. I wanted to eat the whole thing, but it was too much for me to finish. Next was dessert and I didn’t have to look at the dessert menu to know what I wanted. I ordered the Smores in a Jar…and it was fantastic. I love chocolate and I love anything Smores related. It was the perfect dessert for me! The jar was perfectly balanced and everything tasted great. What’s not to like about that??

So the question remains, is The Smith worth the hype? I’m sure there are other amazing restaurants that have great Mac n Cheese…but I would totally recommend trying this one! It tastes great, looks fantastic and it’s enough to fill you up! I think the Smores in a Jar is unique, so I would recommend trying that as well! The other items on the menu look just as good, so I wouldn’t mind going back.  I would say the price is a little more on the expensive side but it’s NYC so it makes sense. Overall, I think The Smith was worth the hype and I can’t wait to go back for another round!!

The Mac n Cheese! (Location: The Smith Midtown in New York City)


It’s 5 o’Clock Somewhere…

I always loved having an October birthday. However, being 20 years old for syllabus week sucked. I couldn’t go to the local bar with my friends. I couldn’t even sit with them during happy hour. Even if I was honest and told the bartender I was underage, I was told I couldn’t sit there. Even if I was just drinking water! Since my friend Kelley was also 20 for the first month of school, we would stay behind and wait for the rest of our friends to come back from the bar. (Thank God I was able to hang out with someone!) When I finally turned 21 on October 19th, I was beyond pumped. I was finally able to go to the bar, happy hour and just buy a bottle of booze like everyone else. My housemates and friends threw me a surprise party and overall it was a great night. My first “legal” drink was a Dirty Shirley, which is basically a Shirley Temple with vodka. That was my drink for a while, then it switched to Vodka Cranberry. Now these days, I drink Vodka Sodas, which taste great to me but they are deadly. I should really expand my palette to different drinks at some point.

When my friends and I went to Punta Cana, we stayed at a great all inclusive resort. It’s called the Luxury Bahia Principe Ambar Green located about 30 minutes from the airport. The resort itself was beautiful, the beach was clean and the people were nice. The buffet had a lot of options, but I personally wasn’t a fan of the food. A couple of the restaurants we went to on the property were fantastic. The waiters were pleasant and attentive for the most part. However, my friends and I really took advantage of the all inclusive booze. Even when we first got there, we were handed welcome drinks. It was like a mint green slushee drink, but it tasted good. We loved the idea of an all inclusive bar. We could get as much as we wanted, when we wanted…it was fantastic. I drank Mojitos for the most part, and they tasted very good. I would totally recommend this place for college kids who want to totally relax by the pool/beach for the week. If you want to drink a lot and party a lot, maybe consider going to Cancun.

A few of my friends got these special drinks in whole pineapples. It was a Piña Colada with extra Pineapple. I’m usually not a huge fan of frozen drinks but it tasted SO good. If you ever find yourself in Punta Cana or any tropical place for vacation, getting a drink in fruit is totally worth it. Not only does it taste great, but it makes a fantastic picture!


Piña Colada with Extra Pineapple Juice!!